Our Business

Our Business

We leverage on our expertise and innovative thinking to deliver customized solutions for our clients. Our skilled team of product experts and operational specialists work closely with you to anticipate market trends, identify opportunities, so as to support your business strategy and requirements wherever they may arise.

We move your cargo efficiently and cost effectively. FYSCS negotiates to get the best rates, products and delivery schedules to meet your timelines. We are positioned to provide value added services such as price assurance, logistical support, and trade finance support to our customers. This reduces your inventory costs, aids strategic planning and improves operational efficiency.

Supply chain management is a crucial part of any globally connected business. We actively streamline supply-side and sale activities to maximize customer value and give you a competitive advantage in your respective industry.

Our Mantra

As a global supply chain enabler, we provide specialist expertise and dependable solutions. We play an integral role in optimizing your business from procurement, transportation to distribution.

Our regional clientele depends on us to deliver their cargoes on time and on specification. Global commodity supply chains are living interconnected networks of organizations, service providers, regulators, resources, activities and technologies. FYSCS works closely with all stakeholders to ensure we deliver on our customers’ expectations while establishing ourselves as reliable long-term partners.

Through complementary services including research and sourcing, we aim to achieve value accretion and cost efficiencies that give you an advantage over your competitors. From procuring raw materials through delivering finished goods, we are with you at every step of the way.